Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hi everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend doing whatever it is you like to do.  Tim and I were rather lazy all weekend and that's okay - sometimes you just need a nothing weekend.  I did finish the Christmas wrapping I needed to do for Ashley and oh my gosh, she will be here tomorrow at 9:25 p.m.!  I cannot wait!  I'm so excited.  I've missed her terribly.
I didn't make anything this weekend - or I should say completed anything.  I did pick up my knitting again.  It's been neglected for far too long!  I am learning to make cables.  I practice a new stitch or technique by knitting a dish towel.  Since I didn't finish anything to show you, I wanted to share a picture Tim took of a beautiful cardinal in our big evergreen/Christmas tree.  It was so pretty - he was just sitting there in the tree surrounded by nothing by the green of the tree and the white of the snow...just sitting there like he was waiting for us to take his picture!  He was so still and sat there for the longest time! 
Have a great Monday y'all!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa cards

Hello everyone!  I hope y'all had a great week.  It was awesome here in West Virginia!  We had more snow and it was absolutely beautiful - but cold BRRRRR!  I have all next week off as Ashley will be here Monday evening.  I'm sooooo excited I can hardly stand it!  She'll b here through Christmas which is FABULOUS!
Has everyone finished their Christmas shopping??  It's hard to believe Christmas is next week!
I was able to make a few cards last night and I thought they turned out pretty good.
Let me know what you think!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hi y'all!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  We had a beautiful weekend!  It snowed all day yesterday - it was gorgeous!  I absolutely love snow!!  Even Bob and Lucy Belle got out and played in it a little bit. 
I have been wrapping a few presents today and finished up another bookmark for Christmas.  I'm also trying to finish a gift for my dad for Christmas.  He is sooooooo hard to buy for.  I think he'll like what I'm working on.  I hope to finish tomorrow or the next day and I will post a picture. 
This is a bookmark I've made for Tim's mom.
Let me know what y'all think.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our first snow!

Hi y'all!  What a wonderful way to bring in December!  Our first snow!!
I love it!!  This is a beautiful big evergreen at the side of our house.  It will make a beautiful Christmas tree there with lights gleaming through the snow - don't you think??
I thought I would share one of my little cross-stitch pictures - I had this hung in my office in Shreveport when I actually went to an office (and not working remotely like I do now).  I have it in my craft room right now and I think it's adorable.  I love those "Dear God" kids!

Hope everyone had a great day and wish you a wonderful "Little Friday" (as my friend Wendy says) tomorrow!